Decision Making is the worst.

Life is hard but decision making is the worst. I have been a banker in this bank for almost four months (yep not that long). It was my first job, 4 days after graduation I started working at this bank. It was an awesome experience for me :Met new friends. Added learnings. Added experiences. but I have to let go and look for a career that I know I will grow more. Looking for a greater opportunity that Will expand what i’ve learned. Being in a bank for months has been a great experience for me but it is hard to wake up every morning questioning yourself, “why am I here? do i really love my job? or ..I just go to the bank everyday because I have to not because I love to.” .Well, It was an awesome ride for me.

But why accept the job on the first place?

You know what?! I dont know, maybe because I am scared to be left out by my friends who are already working (Lame / Worst answer ever)

but now, I am moving on, moving on with my new career with Lord’s guidance and it will be a great star of something new.


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