Worst thing any girl can go through

Besides having a monthly red days, there are other horrible things that any girl can go through.

Have you ever been in a moment where you are walking at peace then some shitty dude catcalled you even though you are wearing a jeans and a baggy shirt. Like wth, why do you do this? What will you get if you catcall a lady?  Will someone explain this to me? I get pissed everytime i’ve been catcalled by shitty teenager and older dudes, Like I wanted to raise my middle finger to them. I once experienced where I shouted to one old dude “Kuya, inood mo na lang ng porn yang nararamdaman mo” (dude, just watch porn) when he catcalled me. How could you respect someone who is older than you if they don’t respect you? See.

Have you ever encountered some pervert strangers somewhere on streets or idk just somewhere? Like, they have this kind of moves   just to touch your leg or poke your back for you to notice them? because I do. And that’s the most horrifying thing i’ve experienced in my entire life as of the moment and hope it would be the last.

there are alot of perverts nowadays, i pray for them to change for a better because it’s not too late to change people! Just imagine, if this happened to your sister, daughter, mother or wife!  help your self to get a life and be happy and contented.


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