fed up with absolutely everything.

Have you ever been in that stage where you are utterly fed up with everything and everyone? That you wanted to lock yourself inside your closet alone because being yourself alone is the only thing that doesn’t pisses you off. Asking yourself, what’s happening in my life? Is this the life you wanted to live forever? that day by day, everything seems getting worse than how it was before. Every people that surrounds you thought you were fine but you were absolutely not. You know to yourself that you are depressed but you keep showing to others that you are not because being depressed will make everything worst and will not answer the questions being stuck in your mind. I just hate how my world runs right now, that sometimes you feel like giving up but you didn’t because you know to yourself that giving up is what everyone expects from you but being motivated is what you strive to do for your life to become better because Everything has a purpose, God gives the hardest challenges to his toughest warriors. God will not let you face a battle if He knows you can’t face it. 🌞


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