Why giving your attention to depression than to motivation?

have you met someone who has a problem yet doing shits for his/her life to be worse than for his/her life to be better? because I do know a lot of people like this. I hate how they’re giving their full attention to their depression than to their motivation. Do you know what I mean? People nowadays, enjoys over thinking. Some might think it’s their hobby tho lol. Anyway, i have to admit I do overthink sometimes but in a positive way. Positive: overthinking stuff that leads me or helps me to achieve my goals because some people overthink in a negative way that might cause them depression, loneliness and a heart attack lol. That instead of helping their self to stand up, chin up and do what makes them happy or what makes them reach their goals, they prefer to stay on a negative side that leads them down to nothing. Why? why not help yourself to be better? Pray, talk to God. Look for a motivation. Use your overthinking hobby in a positive way like thinking  what’s  gonna happen in your future if you change your path in a positive lane. Give your attention to things and people that makes you happy because this may help you forget your problems and make your life to have a better ride.


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