World full of judgmental people

We live in a world where being judgmental is a hobby. That pleasing everyone around you is a must. And by pleasing them, you can’t show who you really are or what you really love to do. Like, you have to do this, you have to do that. You always have to fit in eventhough fitting in is not what you prioritize but people around you pushes you to do so. Doing things that you think is right will always receive negative shits about it in return. People easily see the things you did wrong than those things you did that is right. And if one person sees or doesn’t like you ever since you existed in this world, everything that you will do or you are doing will never be good enough in their eyes. No matter how kind you are or how right those things are for you. Yes, look how suck the reality is.

*PS. Let’s face it, we all judge the people around us. Because this world is full of judmental people Lol hahaha


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