Paint a rainbow in your black and white world.

We live in a world where drama is a trend.

That even listening to music to refrain hearing dramas won’t help.

Asking yourself, is this the world I want to spend the rest of my life with?

Ofcourse, do I have a choice?

I wish I was born rich to buy myself a rocket ship to escape this world I live in

I wonder what it feels like to live in a place with no drama.

Can we all just have a day with no drama? just one day.

because being in a world full of negativity sucks.

Let’s just all remove hate, envy and anger to our vocabulary.

Remove negativity shits in life, and put it in a trash bin, for it will make us lonely.

Replace it with positivity and happy thoughts.

Let’s Put a rainbow in your black and white world.

Yes, we all have our own problems in life where sometimes we just want to give up.

things get tougher, small problems get bigger but it really depends on how we handle it.

We just need to learn how to accept it, handle it and be contented on what we have.

things happen whether its a horrible one or a good one, for us to strive more and be better.


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