No one can ever replace you

It’s been 11 days since you left and went to His paradise.Was it fun there? How was it? I bet you’re happy seeing all the butterflies, flowers, trees and rainbows. Because you are now in a place where loneliness, hatred and sufferings aren’t allowed. You may lay on the grass with other angels and rest without stressing yourself.

You are now an angel. Our angel.

 It’s difficult. Really difficult. We used to see you everyday. You are the first person we see/encounter in the morning, and the last person we see/encounter before we close our eyes and sleep. Everything has changed. I can’t imagine celebrating birthdays, Christmas and New Year without you.


I keep on reminding everyone that we shouldn’t forget you. We just have to accept that we won’t be able to see your presence anymore. I wanted to remember all the fun memories we shared since you gave birth to me. But whenever I close my eyes, I always see those moments where you suffered in that white room. I can’t help but cry. I wanted to forget that moment, but I can’t. Seeing your last breath hurts me. Im trying to accept things and reality… I keep on trying


I haven’t (We haven’t) gave you the life we wanted you to experience. You sacrificed everything for us to raise and live well. And even in your last breath you still sacrificed. Your mind says fight but your body wants to rest. Because, you know to yourself that we cannot live without you.


Im sorry, Im sorry for not giving you the life we wanted you to have. Im sorry for im still in the process of achieving our goals and dreams. Im sorry, you suffer like this. And Im sorry for the times I disappointed you.


Thank you, for sacrificing everything for us. For believing that we can do it even if we fail. For motivating us whenever we feel like we’re giving up. For guiding us and teaching us how to be a good children. And for always putting others first before you.


We miss you Ma, sobra

I promise to take care Papa and everyone. I promise to reach every goals and dreams you have for me. And I promise to remember this line you told me (ALWAYS), “ mahalin mo yung taong mahal ang mahal mo, kasi kung di niya mahal ang mahal mo hindi ka niya mahal.”


I may not be the sweetest but I know you know that I love you and no one can ever replace you.

I love you mama.











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