what’s on my mind? #1 

Thoughts: Hi Ma, can you help me forget the moments happened inside the isolation room? Can you help me forget that day, that one whole day of pain and sufferings you’ve encountered. That massive headache you had last March changed our lives instantly, 5 months lang!? Na parang the odds gave you 5 months to fight. But on a positive side, Atleast you didn’t suffer for years. I always thought that moving on is easy, i used to laugh at those people who keep on saying na moving on is hard but fudge it is hard, really hard. We always remind ourselves to be happy, because it might give you a hard time to be happy there in His arms everytime you see us lonely and upset. I miss my bestfriend, i dont have someone to talk to and tell all my secrets Lol. I know you’re listening to me everytime I tell stories to the walls I have in my room but sucks I dont receive any feedback from them Haha. I miss you Ma. Sobra 🤗😚


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