what’s on my mind? #2

My life these past weeks have been i dont know. It has been an emotional, crazy and weird. My blog’s title is opposite to what I post here.  Trust me, no one will ever love to be a part of my life, to ride on a coaster im into. Even I, i dont even know how I handled these things by myself. How I managed to smile and laugh in front of everyone? Am I really good at pretending? People around me don’t have any idea how heavy these shits i have in my life. I am so tired. I wanted to break down but I still strive to not to because i still have goals to reach and make my parents proud. I have friends to talk to but I don’t feel like sharing these stuffs to them. The only one I am comfortable to tell every shits I have in my life besides God  is my mom.I wish she’s still here tho. I just want to be invisible and escape this reality even just for a day. I am tired, really tired. I dont know if i still have tears left to cry. I am depressed. Really depressed.


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