A Letter to the guy I admire for years now.

Dear You,

Hi, it’s been what, five years? Five freakin years of having illusions and daydreams that someday you might see my existence and feel the same way like how I feel about you. But how? we just know each other but we haven’t talk that much. You made my school years extraordinary even though the chance of seeing you  is really out of the blue that makes me more kilig because you’re from different department which is far from mine. I admire how kind, family oriented, Sporty, God fearing and witty you are. You are the epitome of the ideal guy (my ideal guy) that every girls dreamt of having.

I still remember the first time I saw you. I didn’t expect that you really do caught my attention. I don’t even know who you are before. Eventually, found out  you’re in a relationship to someone you met since idk. Who am I to compete? You didn’t even know I existed way back then. Until the day she left. I was there hiding behind the trees looking at you when there are no stars seen in your sky, when your heart fell asleep and broken. There are times that I was always in front of you but unfortunately, I was invisible to you.

Until the day You virtually noticed me. you made me feel alive that I wanted to yell my heart out that this guy knew I exist! You even made my day a special day for saying Hi and giving me a chance to atleast had a small chat with you. I still remember the day where you thanked me for receiving the best praise you had at that moment.

I know, these illusions in my head will hurt me but at the end of the day being hurt always has its role on everything and I’m still honored and flattered that you’ve been part of my life and for making me kilig even in the simple things you did for me. And even if I had no portion /space in your heart you will always have a portion in mine. This is a fairytale story of mine about liking you that has no ending not unless my heart gave up and your portion on it fades.



2 thoughts on “A Letter to the guy I admire for years now.

  1. Hey. I know someone who has a huge crush on you. That’s a good thing, diba? You’re someone’s favourite person!

    There’s no un-creepy way to say this, pero since checking out your stuff just now, I’m starting to admire you na din. 🙂 char!

    Cheer up! Hang in there. Whatever you’re going through exactly, I have no clue kung gaano yan kabigat. Just know that this too, shall pass. Give it time, that’s what most of us do. 🙂

    Man I love the font on this comment box. Ang sarap magtype. Hahaha.

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