what’s on my mind #3

     This year has been i dont know. I can’t even explain how these things go. It’s been a weird, crazy and a year full of ups and downs. It’s like I’ve been riding in a weird roller coaster since forever. I am upset and amazed at the same time on things i’ve encountered these past months. Awful things happened. Alot of Opportunities are entering. Knowing that 2016 isn’t over yet. Things may still happen whether it’s a good one, a challenging one or an awful one. Who knows?! Not all stuff we receive is an amazing one. Awful and challenging things come because God wants us to learn and be better. Only God knows which path or what path are you going to take. Every lane you passed by or will be passing by has its own purpose, sometimes we just need to figure everything out. ๐ŸŒž


2 thoughts on “what’s on my mind #3

  1. I feel you. This is me irl as well. The only thing I gained this 2016 so far is like, 5 more pounds of body weight.

    Commenting just to tell you na hang in there. ๐Ÿ™‚ it will get better.

    (Also commenting because I already have subscribed via RSS feeds and typing in your comment box is such a pleasure. Have I told you how I loved the font?)

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