2016: Roller coaster ride

   Goodbye 2016, thank you for that crazy and weird roller coaster ride experience. It’s like i’ve been riding on a crazy roller coaster straight from January up until December and still riding it but in a low key mode. 2016 has been the year full of ups and downs, loneliness, joy, laughter and mostly pain. It’s like I don’t have any umbrella with me when God showered all the different kinds of challenges each person has to face, so that’s why it feels like i caught them all. 

   2016 has been the year where I used a lot of tissues just to wipe the tears on my face. The year that taught me how to cry even if im in public places. But it is also the year where i learned a lot of things in life. It taught me how to do things on my own, to let me decide on things without the help of others (bc i always depend on my mom whenever i feel undecided). To be more independent and act as a mature adult. To smile and be happy even though it’s hard for me to carry this heavy baggage full of emotions. To fight and never give up even if im tired of fighting.

   2016 has been the year where doors of amazing opportunities welcomed me. Opportunities that helped me forget how sad and lonely I am. Met new friends who made my introvert self (kinda) be outgoing even just for a little while. Simple things like being noticed by the person you admire for years and made you feel kilig even though it hurts to admit that things like this will pass and temporary, for change is really constant and things you imagine is really impossible. But anyway, it has been a weird year that I can’t believe I faced everything and still here alive and kicking despite of depression and pain.

   Thanking God and all the people I am with in this whole journey. Thanking those who didn’t gave up on me, listening to my thoughts, cheering me up, making me happy despite of everything. For believing that I can do it even if I cant. Thank you, I owe everyone a lot.

   Now that 2017 has just arrived. I cant promise but I will try my best to be better, to forget the pain and just be happy and positive. To face every challenges that God will give me with a smile on my face. 
   I have to accept, no scratch that, me and my family will have to accept that the flow of this coaster we are all into is going to be different, way different. We will ride on this coaster together and be used to it’s flow until forever. 

   Happiest new year to you, thank you for spending your time reading this stuff I wrote. May God bless and guide us forever. 
Cheers for 2017! 


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