“Don’t get attached” 

It’s so sucks and at the same time great to meet someone who you can easily connect with. Like, You have the same likes and dislikes. You always have something to talk about, to the point where you both have this habit of talking to each other for like almost every day and every night. But we have to be prepared and ready for change is really constant and some things are temporary. One sided expectations will destroy you.You’re like way too tired of experiencing things like these where people will show how they care for you and how they are always there for you but eventually things may change for we can’t control the fate. Sooner or later people you are used to be with will may not be there for you anymore. Tough Questions to answer like, What happened? Am I not good enough? What did I do? will pop in your head all over again.

Sucks to think that you always remind yourself to don’t get attached to someone easily for like the nth time because it’s for the “NTH TIME” but you’re still doing it. Why? Oh it’s Because we can’t control what we feel. Basta, We just can’t.

But they say, try to learn not to get attached to people easily, idk if we can learn it. Or maybe we should just overthink so it will not hurt us bigtime if they go. (Idontknowtho) kasi People come and go? 

But if they stayed, be thankful to have that someone who chose to stay (no matter how hard and difficult you are to be with) 


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