Her on the clouds


It’s been months since you went to His paradise 

I still hear the sound of your last breath

still remember those last words you said
Oh, i’m sorry if I may have let you down

I’m sorry for the times I made your face frown

Thank you for cheering me up

for telling me not to give up

Thank you for hearing my stories whether it’s lame, funny or it makes you worry.

It broke our hearts when we lost you

but I know you’ll be there watching us while you lay on the clouds.

I still feel the warmth of your embrace

I still feel your hands intertwined in mine

still can paint and show the world the glow of your smile
(Repeat Refrain)

(Repeat Chorus)

You are the missing piece in my puzzle that no on can ever fits

I try to hide these tears when I hear your name

’cause the pain is always the same
(Repeat chorus)
I miss your laugh

I miss your smile

I miss your kiss 

and the times we watch movies together
You can rest now

’cause you’re an angel now

You can rest now

’cause you’re my angel now.

I wrote a song for my mom who passed away last August 2016 due to lupus and pneumonia. It was very difficult not just for me but also for my family to live without seeing her presence anymore. But we always remind ourselves that even if we can’t see her we know that she’s here watching us and guiding us always.That she’s already up there, in her real home, with God and the other angels above. Happy Mother’s day Ma. I know that you already know how I love and miss you. ♥

Click the link for the audio: https://soundcloud.com/knyza/on-the-clouds-original


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