My first love – Papa

Scary, Snob, serious and strict  – that’s how my friends describe you (first impression).

  Scary?  Kinda? Or Is it just because I am afraid to disappoint you. You are definitely not a snob, but your serious appearance makes you look like one. 100% strict but that’s how you discipline us and I am thankful for it.

I’ve been known as the most kill joy person (by my friends) that existed in this world. Why? Well, it’s just because whenever I have getaways with my friends I have to let him know days before the day of our getaway (you are not a real friend of mine if you don’t know this). He also have to know who I am with and where exactly the place of our getaway. He is actually the main reason why I have load. I have to let him know if I am on my way home or if I’ll extend hours for work and If I did extend my stay at the office, he will ask me why do I have to? and until what time I’ll be staying in the office.

I am not really the type of friend who is into “Biglaang-lakad”. It really depends.

He always insist of picking me up or giving me rides even if it’s on my way to the office or attending parties.

When he stayed in GUAM, I still do ask permission when I go out with friends.

Yup, welcome to my life..

How come you’re not a rebel?” tons of people asked me this… but why would I? Glad that I am not. I’m really used to how my life goes. That’s how they raised me (us). I am thankful for this kind of parenting style to be honest.

So thank you Papa for having you as my Father, for giving everything for us to live, for sacrificing just to have our needs, for your patience and learning, for always being at our side in this roller coaster ride we are in, for always putting us first (along with Mama) after God and for everything.

I just wish to find a man like you, your love for mama is so unconditional that made my standards high. You had doubts on taking job offers just to take care of her when she was ill because you wanted yourself to take care of her instead of seeing anyone to do that job you said its yours. That no huge amount of money can ever replace Mama. If I’ll describe more your love for Mama in this blog I think it will took me years to finish this.

Words can’t describe how thankful and lucky I am to have you. I don’t know what am I going to do with myself If i don’t have you and Mama. Thank you Papa. I love you, always will.





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