Whoever she is.

Kanesha. 22. Manila

I know, you came here just to know who I am but honestly speaking I suck at introducing myself. Maybe it’s for you to find out who I am (if you’re interested) by reading my stuff here.

I tell you, I am not a good writer but writing random thoughts whether it’s lame, has a sense or no sense at all makes me a writer right? or no?

People describe me as the ‘Mysterious girl’, i don’t know why. (can someone tell me why?)

I am a girl who usually locks herself inside her room playing either of her four or six strings instruments. Spending most of her time  watching cute videos of puppies on facebook, watching real crime stories or listen to the bands that aren’t mainstream. You often see me at the concert grounds (happy place) yelling every line of the song. I’m an extroverted- introvert. I either enjoy being with a company or just me, alone.  I mastered this thing called ‘Good at hiding my feelings’.

I am a girl in a progress. A girl who’s repainting the faded rainbow she has. Feel free to help me repaint it by reading my thoughts.

And oh Welcome to my life.









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