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2017 is a year where I learned a lot of things. It taught me that it is okay not to be okay but you'll just have to have faith that everything is going to be alright because God will not give you battles if He knows you can't face it. 2017 taught me that it … Continue reading 2 0 1 7


A year in Paradise 

It's been exactly a year since my mom went home. God’s home actually. I know some of you were shocked na you wanted to ask me what really happened (because the odds just gave her 5 months to face that battle) but refused to ask because I might cry while telling you the reason why … Continue reading A year in Paradise 

A letter to the guy I Admire for years now (Part 2)

Dear You, As I scrolled back to our conversations, I just realized that It's been months since the first time you randomly said Hi (virtually) that made my heart explode and yelled my heart out because you really see my existence in this world. I'm not really into having conversations with others for I am … Continue reading A letter to the guy I Admire for years now (Part 2)