To the best mom.

"Wag ka ng umiyak, tanggapin mo na. Malulungkot siya kapag ganyan ka".  People always remind me to stop crying or that I don't need to wake up from this nightmare I'm into because this is the reality, i have to accept things and be fine. Minsan naiisip ko na people are just telling that to … Continue reading To the best mom.


what’s on my mind #4 

I know, I promised. I promised, I won't cry anymore. I'm trying but it is really hard. I thought I can do it. I thought it will be easy. I thought i'm already okay. I miss you. I know, us being lonely will make it hard for you to be okay there. But please for … Continue reading what’s on my mind #4 

A Letter to the guy I admire for years now.

Dear You, Hi, it's been what, five years? Five freakin years of having illusions and daydreams that someday you might see my existence and feel the same way like how I feel about you. But how? we just know each other but we haven't talk that much. You made my school years extraordinary even though … Continue reading A Letter to the guy I admire for years now.